Hi I'm jackar
3D Artist & Web Designer

Jozef 'jackar' Mutis

3D Artist & Web Designer

Hello there! My name is Jozef Mutis, but people know me as jackar. I am experienced level designer, web artist and graphic artist. I’m skilled with programs including SourceSDK, PhotoShop and else...


Office tools


Level Designer - Brainbread: Source
2012 - Present

BrainBread is a Source Mod for Half-Life 2 where the aim is to recreate a zombie attack. This is described as a cooperative multi-player game, however things go a little deeper than just gang up on zombies. When the game starts, all of the players are Humans that have to fight zombies in order to complete an objective in the map. These objectives go from surviving an amount of time in a map, retrieving documents, killing an amount of zombies or reaching a certain place in a map.

Level Designer - Black Ops: Source
2011 - 2012

Black Ops: Source is a mod recreating the original Black Ops mod for Half-Life. You, as an agent of top secret government organisation, are put into duty after the disaster in black mesa strikes.

Level Designer - Portal Combat
2010 - 2011

Portal Combat is a modification which combines VALVe's Portal Technology with an unique combat system.

Level Designer - Black Mesa
2008 - 2010

Black Mesa is the Half-Life 2 total conversion of the original Half-Life game. Utilizing the Source engine and its endless array of possibilities and powers, Black Mesa will throw you into the world that started the Half-Life continuum and introduced Gordon Freeman to the world as a gun-toting, bullet-dodging Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.

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